Into the Woods


Into the Woods – 8.5” x 8.5” Limited Edition Fine Art Print – Inspired by Fairytales, Snow White, Folklore and Pop Culture.



If you go into the woods today, you might catch a glimpse of this fair creature.


Travellers round these parts tell of a golden-haired maiden who beckons them so sweetly, they forget whatever errand they were on to follow her- deeper and deeper into the dark and lovely woods, where the trees go so thickly together there is scarcely a pinprick of light overheard, so one can never be sure if it is night or day, or how long they have been wandering as if dreaming.


Beware!- be on your guard, don’t let her catch you unawares! Who can say if her beauty is true, or some witches’ glamour, for those who know surely have not lived to tell the tale . . . Like the fairy stories say, best not to accept sweeties from strangers, and listen to your granny when she tells you not to stray from the path!


Like all my prints, ‘Into the Woods’ has been lovingly printed and packaged by me in my home-studio.


I use Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks on archival Canson Infinity Platine Fibre-Rag 310 gsm paper.


‘Into the Woods’ comes from a limited edition of 200, and only 200! Each and every one is individually signed and numbered by me, and once all 200 are sold, there will never be any more reprinted. This means the number you see on the bottom left of your print is yours alone in all the world!


The active printed area measures approximately 21.4 cm x 21.4 cm, with a white border for framing.


The overall paper size is approximately 24 cm x 33 cm.


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