Ruby Spaniel


Ruby – A5 Super Luxe Art Card – Inspired by Spaniels, Dogs, Pucci, Optimism, Hope, Character Design and Anthropomorphism.



Meet Ruby, the shy spaniel with a story to tell!


‘Ruby’ is one of five animal characters I created in late 2015, and each one represents a different character trait.


Ruby represents hope- she would be perfect for that special friend who always manages to stay chirpy when the chips are down, or even for someone who needs a bit of cheering up!


‘Ruby’ was printed on gorgeous matte-laminate 300gsm art cardstock, and measures 5.83 x 8.27 inches, or 14.8cm x 21.0cm (that’s a standard Australian A5 size, which is half a sheet of standard A4).


Her colours are just as lush and vibrant as you see here, and FYI- this paper feels AMAZING! The laminate is neither completely glossy nor matte; it has a pearly lustre (this also protects the artwork from potentially grubby fingers!)


About the Series


I am so excited to share this small series of animal girls with you!- each one includes a gorgeous reproduction of my artwork on one side, and a complete story about the character on the other!


All of my work has a strong narrative element, and I sought for many years to find a way to showcase my illustrations alongside the character’s story. I like to describe these animal friends as an unbound book- they can be hung on the wall and enjoyed as a print, pinned to an inspiration-board, loved and shared with your special peeps, or all of the above!



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